Conservatory Electric Radiators

Our innovative conservatory electric radiators are a wonderful way to add warmth to your home.

They look just like conventional radiators but they're powered by electricity and a self-contained mini-boiler and pump - simply mount the radiator on the wall, plug it in and it will heat up in minutes. What's more, the built-in thermostat means you can program your radiator to switch off as soon as the room reaches your desired temperature, reducing the amount of energy used and giving you complete control over your heating and heating bills.

Electric radiators are the ideal way to stay warm and cosy in your conservatory. With no plumbing needed they can be fitted easily, without disturbing panels or walls. They don’t require any gas supply so they can be put almost anywhere, within reason. We feature a range of conservatory electric radiators that are extra slim and designed to fit on the low walls you find in conservatories. The heaters are safe to use in a conservatory and easy to adapt, only needing a standard plug socket in order to provide heat all year round.

A conservatory can often be a cold place in the winter with all the glass. It’s the complete opposite of the summer, when the glass provides the extra heat from sunlight. The beauty of having conservatory electric radiators is that they can be switched off independently, so when you don’t need them in the conservatory in summer they simply get switched off. Normal gas radiators might be needed indoors where not as much sunlight is provided and so conventional heating in the conservatory would still be warming the pipes, even if the radiator was switched off. This way you remove that activity, saving money by not wasting heat.

Each radiator is pre-filled with water and sealed, so no pipes are required under the conservatory flooring and because they are water-filled they heat up much quicker than standard oil-filled radiators or storage heaters, again saving money and providing warmth much quicker. The water also contains an anti-freeze element which means you don’t need to worry about frozen pipes if the room is not being used or if it is on an exterior wall.

In a lot of conservatories, heaters are often expensive oil-filled units that take a while to heat and are only adjustable by three or four standard settings. With our conservatory electric radiators they operate just like a normal central heating system would. They can have thermostats that adjust the heating according to the room’s temperature, which is essential in a conservatory that’s temperature can vary so much with the weather. You can also programme the conservatory electric radiator to come on at set times adjusting with your lifestyle and the temperature of your room.

Water-filled conservatory electric radiators provide radiant and convective heat which doesn’t dry the atmosphere as much as traditional heating. This can be a real asset if you struggle with breathing or sinus difficulties or if have a lot of plants in your conservatory.

The flexibility of our conservatory electric radiators means you can have all the benefits of a traditional radiator, in a conservatory and without any of the disruption. It makes the conservatory feel like part of the house, rather than an addition. Our team will gladly help you measure up and work out the best solution for you.

Stay cosy all year round with our conservatory electric radiators.

How to Keep your Conservatory at the Perfect Temperature All Year Round

If you’ve had a conservatory added to your house, you’ll know that they’re an absolute delight; giving you a light, airy room to enjoy when the sun’s out but it’s a bit too cool to sit outside.

In the winter months, however, conservatories can turn into icy boxes that can only be ventured into with fluffy slippers and a thick dressing gown for protection: not ideal.

Heat Electric are a Yorkshire based company who have been manufacturing and selling electric water filled heaters since 2002, including conservatory electric radiators. They’re here to provide some tips on how to keep your conservatory at the perfect temperature, all year round.

Be Smart with Sunlight

The best source of energy for heating your conservatory is, of course, the sun itself – free and easily enjoyed, unfortunately it doesn’t appear quite as often as we’d like in the often-rainy UK. However, you can take measures to trap the heat provided by the sun, meaning you only have to turn on your heaters, live conservatory electric radiators when all of the natural heat has dissipated.

If you haven’t yet had your conservatory built, ensure that you get the best thermal efficiency and highest level of construction quality possible. If it’s already there, consider hanging curtains or insulating blinds during the winter months that you can close at the end of a sunny day.

Install Heaters

There are a few options for heating your conservatory, of which the most versatile are conservatory electric (radiators or heaters):

Gas radiators

These will require you to extend your central heating pipework system, a costly and time-consuming process.

Underfloor heating

This may create overheating and lead to you opening windows and doors to cool the place down, which isn’t good for your heating bill.

Conservatory electric radiators

The perfect solution for heating without fuss or unnecessary expense, Conservatory electric radiators only need to be plugged into a standard socket to function, are highly efficient and just as effective as a gas radiator.

To learn more about Heat Electric’s range of conservatory electric radiators to keep your conservatory warm and cosy throughout the year, take a look at their website today.

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