The Benefits of Electric Heaters

A house is only a home if it’s warm and cosy, especially in the winter months.

Heat Electric are a Yorkshire based company who have been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality, British-made electric heaters since 2002. They’re here to tell you about the benefits of electric heaters, and how to get your hands on a reliable, efficient model to keep your home toasty and comfortable all winter long.

Electric Heaters UK

Immediate warmth

Electric heaters warm up very quickly, meaning you can heat up a chilly room rapidly and don’t have to leave the heating on while you aren’t using the room.

Long term savings

When you take the overall cost of the system into account over its while life cycle, electric heating systems are an incredibly economical way of heating your home, for several reasons:

No energy lost

Unlike most other heating systems, 100% of the energy supplied to the heater is converted to warmth, meaning minimum wastage. You can also easily heat certain rooms and leave others unheated while you’re not using them, again saving money.

No maintenance costs

Electric heaters don’t require costly servicing or installation charges.

Long lifespan

On average, an electric heater will last longer than a gas radiator, saving money overall.

Fuss-free and easy

Because they simply need to be mounted on the wall and plugged in to a standard socket, electric heaters are incredibly simple to install. With Heat Electric you have a choice of two control systems, and the built in thermostat is incredibly sensitive, meaning that your room will always be at the temperature you want.

Safe and environmentally friendly

There are no particulates, emissions, moisture, or risks of gas leaks from electric heaters; there’s no carbon dioxide production, and they don’t use up valuable fossil fuels and wood. This makes them the safest, most environmentally conscious choice for heating your home.

To learn more about how your home can benefit from the many advantages of electric heaters, take a look at Heat Electric’s reasonably priced and superbly manufactured range on their website today.

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