Electric Radiators For Sale

Our electric radiators for sale are different to normal electric plug in heaters for many reasons:

  • They are water-filled so they heat up quicker. Many plug in radiators are oil-filled, gel-filled or filled with thermal fluid and so take longer to get warm because oil is thicker and therefore takes longer to heat than water.
  • They contain an anti-rust and anti-freeze solution within the water to ensure longevity.
  • Inside our electric radiators for sale there is Smart Heating software which monitors the room temperature. The software can then adjust accordingly, managing the heat against set controls and reducing your heating bill.
  • There is no maintenance. You don’t need to top up the water, bleed the radiator or worry about storage.
  • You can fit the electric radiators for sale yourself in around 15 minutes. There is no need for a plumber, no need for gas pipe-work and no need for any disruption.
  • All electric radiators come with all fixings and fittings and easy to follow, detailed instructions.
  • They can be attached to the wall safely, whereas many standard plug-in electric radiators for sale are free-standing.
  • If you need help with installation we can provide it quickly and easily, all in one place, with minimum disruption to flooring, walls and sockets.
  • They can be set to use a timer and a thermostat to control your heating and reduce waste.
  • You can control each temperature in each room separately. You don’t have to have an overall temperature for the building, as you do with most systems.

Our electric radiators for sale have also been proven to save energy and more importantly reduce your bills. A recent example we experienced with a 3-bedroom apartment is explained below illustrating the efficiency of the electric radiators for sale.

  1. Heating
  2. 6am – 9am and 4:30pm - 11pm - Target temperature 21°C.
  3. Outside these – Target temperature 16°C.
  4. Cost for all electrical items including heating
  5. £2.81 per day - £87 per month for all heating and electrical items, dishwasher, cooker, kettle, washing machine, tumble dryer, television, lighting etc.

These figures are from actual bills and include standing charges, discount for paying by direct debit, and VAT to show a true reflection.

What Makes Heat Electric’s Products Stand Out From the Crowd?

Heat Electric have been producing electric radiators for sale since 2002 from their base in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Creating superlative products and providing an outstanding service to every customer, they are truly head and shoulders above their competition.

Here’s why.

The benefits of electric

You may see electric radiators for sale in number of places, but remember, each system is different and not all have the same benefits.

Heat Electric’s electric radiators for sale provide a host of benefits for you: they are quick to heat up, 100% efficient, feature a choice of two control systems, require no pipework or expensive installation fees, and release no harmful emissions or moisture into your home.

Outstanding products

Each one of Heat Electric’s electric radiators for sale hold a self-contained mini boiler and pump, with a built in thermostat for perfect and subtle temperature control.

Commitment to quality

All of Heat Electric’s heaters are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible specifications, hand built in Halifax West Yorkshire by a team of dedicated and highly trained staff. They come with a two year warranty and require no maintenance after their easy installation.

Great value

Heat Electric’s electric radiators for sale are always reasonable priced and represent excellent savings in the long term. Right now, all of their radiators are on sale with £100 reduction off the usual price, so hurry to their website and get prepared to be warm and cosy all winter.

Dedication and enthusiasm

Heat Electric are truly committed to providing every single customer with an exemplary product and perfect service from A to Z, a fact borne out by their numerous glowing testimonials which can be seen on their website.

To learn more about all of Heat Electric’s electric radiators for sale, and how they can create a warm and cosy home for you and your family whilst simultaneously saving on energy costs, visit their website today.

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