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The beauty of Heat Electric radiators is that they don’t require any plumbing in, pipe-work or gas supply. Each radiator comes pre-filled with water sealed into the unit, then the unit is simply plugged into a standard plug socket.

The radiator also features a thermostat that senses the room temperature and responds accordingly. For example, if the radiator has been programmed to come on as soon as the room drops below 20 degrees, the radiator will switch on as soon as it gets too cold and will switch off when the room reaches the desired temperature. This means that you never use more electricity than you need to and you can reduce your heating bills.

Our Electric Radiators UK heat up in minutes and can be easily programmed to fit your needs, so no electricity is wasted.

How to Keep Your House Warm this Winter, Without Breaking the Bank

Coming home to a cold house at the end of a chilly, rainy day is the last thing we need in life.

Heat Electric are dedicated to bringing you the warmth and comfort you deserve; think roast dinners in a toasty dining room and then an hour of telly in a cosy living room before curling up in bed.

They’ve been producing their electric radiators UK range for over a decade, and are here to give you some tips for keeping your home warm this winter, without breaking the bank.

Implement the basics

Whatever your heating system, it’s surprising how often people forget the basics when it comes to saving energy and keeping the house warm.

If there’s a room you don’t use much, turn off the electric radiators UK or other heating and place a blanket across the bottom of the door to keep the heat contained in the rest of the space.

Don’t open windows while the heating is on, and close doors quickly.


Having your house professionally re-insulated will make a massive difference to the interior temperature, and give you good savings on your heating bills in the long term.

Having new windows installed with double or triple glazing can also be a great way to retain the heat produced by electric radiators UK or other heating systems.

If you can’t afford to shell out on professional insulation, why not put in some thick curtains, install draught excluders on your doors, and DIY your way to providing the best insulation you’ve got on the budget you have available.

Install electric radiators UK

Electric radiators are at the cutting edge of today’s heating systems, and are the perfect way to heat a new house, replace storage heaters, heat conservatories, or provide warmth where mains gas isn’t installed or available.

To learn more about Heat Electric’s electric radiators UK range that provide 100% energy efficiency and great long-term financial savings as well as a warm and cosy home, take a look at their website today.

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