Energy Efficient Heating

In this day and age, we are all looking for ways to find energy efficient heating solutions. You may have perhaps looked at solar panels, cavity wall or loft insulation options. One of the ways you can achieve energy efficient heating is by considering electric radiators. Against conventional gas central heating, electric heating provides an energy efficient heating solution.  

It is cheaper and quicker to install than a gas central heating system, as there is no plumbing required and no pipework needed. You can install the radiators yourself if you have all the sockets to hand, following easy to understand instructions. There is no need for any maintenance work, no bleeding or topping up and you don’t need an annual gas inspection either. It is a one-off installation cost, there are no monthly service contracts as there is nothing that needs servicing or amending.

The only cost at installation will be the radiators themselves and any costs associated with extra sockets that you may need installing. Floorboards and carpets remain untouched due to the lack of pipework needed.

Overall the system provides energy efficient heating by warming water contained in the radiator quicker than gas would and achieving the desired temperature much quicker than an oil-filled or gel-filled radiator would. Each room can be heated separately to the temperature you set for each individual room and at different times. Many gas central heating systems waste energy by being on when you are out, heating rooms you are not in, or by not having a thermostat to regulate the temperature. With electric radiators the smart heating technology inside switches off the radiator when it reaches the temperature you have set for that room and then turns it back on again if the temperature falls below the target. It means you are maximising the use of your heating and reducing waste, all combining towards much more energy efficient heating.

You can save money on installation costs, maintenance costs and reduce your overall heating bills through our energy efficient heating.

The Truth About Energy Efficient Heating

Choosing a heating system can be a minefield, with conflicting advice from all sides.

Heat Electric are experts in providing energy efficient heating systems that really work; they’re here to give us the truth about energy efficient heating and set the record straight.

1. It’s not just about the heating system

The efficiency of your heating system is only as good as the space you’re heating, and how sensible you are about planning and using it.

A large house with four exterior walls, no roof or cavity insulation, single glazed old-fashioned wooden sash windows, and no curtains, for example, will take a lot more energy to keep warm than a modern, fully insulated, terraced and tripled glazed small house.

2. Gas central heating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Many sources will tell you that gas central heating is the best and most energy efficient heating system around, and it’s certainly true that it has its advantages and is a major improvement on old fashioned storage heaters.

However, there are many drawbacks to gas central heating: if it’s not newly installed, you’ll find yourself shelling out vast amount of money to get an energy efficient heating boiler and causing major disruption to put in all the pipework for its functioning.

It requires yearly servicing and frequent maintenance, and the overall efficiency is actually worse than good quality modern electric heaters, which boast 100% efficiency.

3. Modern electric heaters are one of the most energy efficient heating systems around

If you’re looking for energy efficient heating, Heat Electric’s electric radiators are the solution. Hand made in the UK, they require no maintenance or servicing, don’t give out potentially harmful emissions, offer ultimate versatility with the ability to heat different rooms at different times and to different temperatures, and represent the best long-term savings of all the energy efficient heating systems.

To learn more about how Heat Electric can provide you with a warm home, low electricity bills and optimum energy efficient heating, take a look at their website today.

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