Replacement For Storage Heaters

Our electric radiators are a perfect replacement for storage heaters. Not only are they more efficient, they heat up quicker and are safer to use. They don’t require any plumbing, gas supply or pipes and they can be installed in just 15 minutes. 

The benefit of an electric radiator over a storage heater is that in general you are more in control of what happens. The electric radiator is faster to heat up, it can have built-in timers and thermostats as well as Smart Heating software that senses the temperature and adjusts accordingly. A storage heater has only a few settings to choose from and once on that is set at that point. There is no timer or temperature control leading to heat fluctuation and expensive bills. Using electric radiators as a replacement for storage heaters means you can get the best out of your heating and avoid wasting money.

The electric radiators also provide lower carbon emissions and are a modern effective system equivalent of the old Economy 7. Storage heaters relied on Economy 7 to gather heat overnight to provide it during the day, all day, even if you were not in. You could often be left with the scenario that the heat had run out when you actually wanted it in the evening. Storage heaters provided very little control for the consumer and that is why electric radiators are the perfect replacement for storage heaters.

Many of our customers have seen their bills reduced by replacing storage heaters with electric radiators. While Economy 7 users receive a cheaper overnight electricity rate for heating, their electricity daytime rate is often more expensive than the normal tariff and so when they were having to result to topping up their heating it was extremely expensive. There is also the added benefit that electric radiators look much smarter and less cumbersome than old storage heaters and can easily be worked into the style of a room rather than standing out for the wrong reasons. Many of our customers also said that their storage heaters were difficult to use and that the controls were confusing. The electric radiator has a choice of two controls, a built-in 24-hour timer that can be set or a digital remote for you to control. You can see current temperatures, set target temperatures and set programmes for different days, so that when you are out the heating is not being wasted.  

One of our clients sums up the benefits they have had by using electric radiators as a replacement for storage heaters:

"Definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding our home. I calculated back last night our electricity usage over the last three years - the last 12 months (since installing Heat Electric radiators) we have used 2,000 less units of electricity (a 14% reduction) than we did in our last year with storage heaters, and our house is much warmer when we need it. Brilliant."
G. Watson

Contact us for more information on electric radiators as a replacement for storage heaters. 

It’s Time to Replace Your Storage Heaters: Here’s What to Do

If your house is being heating partially or fully by storage heaters, you’ll probably be fed up of their many drawbacks by now.

Heat Electric are experts in manufacturing and supplying a modern and effective replacement for storage heaters in the form of highly efficient and versatile electric heaters.

They’re here to explain why it’s time to get rid of your old storage heaters, and how to choose a replacement for storage heaters that gives you all the possible advantages.

Why should you replace your storage heaters?

Often chosen because they are cheap to purchase and install, storage heaters are a favourite of developers but not ideal for the eventual residents.

They work by heating up a series of bricks within the heater overnight, and then releasing the heat during the day.

Unfortunately, they result in high heating bills, a heating system that’s very difficult to control, and warmth that wanes during the evening, which is often when you want it most, leading to the need for secondary heating, another expensive addition.

What’s the best replacement for storage heaters, and why?

Chances are, if you have storage heaters in your home, then you aren’t plumbed into mains gas and don’t have an existing central heating system that you can use as a replacement for storage heaters; installing this is extremely disruptive, expensive, and time consuming, not to mention the regular maintenance and servicing that is the inevitable follow up.

Instead, choose modern electric heaters as a replacement for storage heaters.

Providing 100% efficiency, they’re incredibly easy to install and just require plugging in to a mains socket to function. They warm up quickly, require no servicing or maintenance, are much safer than gas heating, feature a thermostat and a choice of controls, and will vastly reduce your overall energy costs over time.

For the least disruptive, most efficient, and easiest to use replacement for storage heaters, get in contact with Heat Electric today to learn more about their high quality range of British-made electric heaters.

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