The running costs of any heating system can vary significantly based on many factors.

For example, a home with cavity wall insulation and double-glazed windows will have lower running costs than the same home without the insulation and with single glazed windows, as more heat is lost to the outside air.

Milder winters will mean lower running costs than colder winters and things such as leaving doors open will have a negative effect on your heating bills.

No matter what type of electric heating you decide to go for, you should always ensure that the heaters have a built-in or remote timer so you can set them to be on only when you need them. This ensures you don’t use any more energy than you need to and reduces your bills.

Secondly, make sure that your heaters have a built-in thermostat to prevent over heating which wastes energy and money. A built-in thermostat also lets you control the temperature in each individual room, which will help save you more money.

Our electric radiators have both of these functions but more importantly they also have Smart Heating software inside each unit that monitors the room temperature.  The software then controls and reduces what energy is used and helps keep your heating bills to a minimum. 

Below is a table showing actual costs of a home which uses our electric radiators for its heating. 

The property

A 3 bedroom apartment with high ceilings and two external walls with 10kW’s worth of our radiators to heat the property. It is fully electric, has double glazing and some cavity wall insulation. 

The heating is used every day from 6am – 9am and 4:30pm - 11pm with a target temperature of 21°C.  Outside of these times the radiators are programmed to maintain a temperature of 16°C.


We are showing the total electricity used and the total electricity bills. This also includes all other electrical appliances and installations in the property such as a washing machine, dishwasher, 4 oven electric aga, electric water heater, lighting etc.

Our electric radiators are 100% efficient, have such fast heat-up times, time and temperature control together with the built in intelligent heating software so you can see how cheap they can be to run.

Date of BillPrice per
Units UsedTotal BillNo. of DaysPrice per Day
28th May 201211.5 pence4163£501.48174£2.88
14th Oct 201212 pence1968£248.71139£1.79
3rd Dec 201213.7 pence785£113.3250£2.27
10th Jun 201313.5 pence5629£802.28189£4.24
14th Nov 201313.5 pence2320£324.33157£2.07
Totals  £1,990.12709£2.81

We’re sure you’ll agree that £2.81 per day for everything electric in a large 3 bedroom apartment is impressive. These are real figures and include every electrical appliance in the property and not just the heating.

These figures are from actual bills and include standing charges, discount for paying by direct debit, and VAT so they are REAL FIGURES which haven’t been manipulated in any way. Electricity prices have increased over the last couple of years which is reflected in the costs shown – the tariff when we started monitoring these bills was 11.5 pence per kWhour which now stands at 13.5 pence per kWhour.

We believe our service is second to none and we didn’t get the fabulous comments on our Testimonials page by making inaccurate claims.

If you are at all unsure about running costs then feel free to call our Heat Experts on 01422 231943 for more advice.  

Comparisons with other heating types

Comparisons with storage heaters

Benefits of chosing Heat Electric radiators over storage heaters:

  • Heat when you want it
  • Our built-in timers, thermostats and Smart Heating software can help to reduce your heating bills
  • Greater controllability
  • Faster to heat up
  • Easier controls
  • Our built-in timers and thermostats allow you to choose exactly when you want heat and at what temperature
  • No need to have Economy 7
  • Lower carbon emissions

Storage heater systems operate differently when compared to other forms of heating, as they have to draw electricity overnight in order to be ‘charged-up’ to provide heat the next day.  This means that storage heaters use the Economy 7 tariff.  Both storage heaters and Economy 7 come with their own frustrations which is why most of the electric radiators that we sell are to customers who are wanting to upgrade their heating and to get rid of their existing storage heaters.

Common reasons customers swap to our system include:

  • “We have minimal control over our heat output and are often left in the cold” – storage heaters release heat over the course of the day regardless of whether you need it or not or if you are in or out.  This means that there is regularly not enough heat left to keep you warm in the evening.  Many users find they have to top up their heating at night with other sources of expensive immediate heat such as portable heaters.  The colder it is outside the worse this problem becomes.
  • “Our electricity bills are huge” – storage heater users complain of either overcharging their storage heaters, as the day turns out to be warmer than expected, or undercharging them, if the temperature falls.  Overcharging means that you’re paying for heat you don’t need – a waste of both energy and money – while undercharging will require additional heat sources to be used, using overly expensive electricity. While Economy 7 users get a cheaper overnight electricity rate for their heating, electricity used during the rest of the day and evening is much more expensive than a normal tariff. In fact, everything in the house that uses electricity outside of the off-peak period will be charged at a rate that is much higher than a normal standard tariff.  It is this combination of factors – driven by a lack of controllability – that leads to you having higher fuel bills, higher carbon emissions and wasted money.
  • “The system is too complex” – storage heaters can simply prove too complicated when compared to Heat Electric radiators that will provide heat at the flick of a switch.  Trying to manage heating requirements is challenging enough against a budget without having to continually alter the input and output controls on each storage heater.
  • “They look ugly” – storage heaters are big, bulky and old-fashioned while Heat Electric radiators are sleek and stylish: The classic British radiator.  

“Definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding our home. I calculated back last night our electricity usage over the last three years - the last 12 months (since installing Heat Electric radiators) we have used 2,000 less units of electricity ( a 14% reduction) than we did in our last year with storage heaters, and our house is much warmer when we need it. Brilliant.”   G. Watson 

Comparisons with gas central heating

If you are deciding whether to install a gas central heating system or an electric system then there are many key advantages of choosing electric radiators from Heat Electric: 

  • Cheaper and quicker to install than a gas central heating system.
  • No unsightly pipe-work or plumbing.
  • No ripping up carpets and floorboards to lay the pipes.
  • No need for an annual gas inspection.
  • No need for an expensive monthly service contract.
  • No maintenance whatsoever – no bleeding or topping up required.
  • Electric heaters are more efficient than gas systems.
  • Each room can be heated to a different temperature.
  • Each room can be heated at different times.
  • No risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide issues.
  • If there is a problem with your gas boiler then your whole house is cold and you don’t have hot water. 

These advantages mean you can save money on your installation costs and could reduce your heating bills too. Plus, you don’t have all the added inconveniences that come with a gas boiler and plumbing. If your property has modern insulation or you don’t need heat a lot of the time then you could save money with an electric system compared to a gas system. 

If you are looking to switch from gas central heating because of all the added costs and inconvenience of maintenance, service contracts, boiler breakdowns etc then you should look no further than Heat Electric. 

Comparisons with other types of electric heating

We believe that our electric radiators are the best that money can buy.  Other companies make bold claims about their products but if you want the best you should choose Heat Electric.

Our radiators have everything that any good electric heater should have; timer controls, air sensing thermostats and intelligent software to control and reduce your energy usage and bills.  So, what makes our electric radiators so special?  Well actually it’s lots of things but the main thing that makes them better than other electric heaters is what’s inside them.

Most of our competitors sell electric heaters that are filled with oil. Often it will be called a gel, or thermal-fluid but it’s still an oil. Our electric radiators are filled with water which makes all the difference. 

Effectively it’s all about physics and the specific density of water compared with oil.  To put it more simply water is “runnier” or “thinner” than oil.

If you filled a kettle with water from one of our radiators and filled an identical kettle with the oil found in other electric heaters and switched them both on what would happen?  The one full of water will heat up much more quickly, will use less power and therefore cost less than the one filled with oil.

The exact same thing happens with our electric radiators compared to oil-filled electric heaters.  Our radiators heat up more quickly and therefore heat up your room more quickly, but do so more cheaply than the competition.  The water in our radiators will be at the maximum temperature within a matter of minutes meaning you aren’t wasting money waiting for an oil-filled electric heater to get the room up to temperature.

Also, our electric radiators use the classic British radiator design so they look like a gas central heating system but without the pipes and plumbing.  Most people who see them think they are a gas system. These types of radiator shells have been used in Britain for years as they are a fantastic and quick way to get heat in to your home.

So if you want your rooms to heat up more quickly and efficiently, if you want a quality British made product from a company giving excellent service, AND you want cheaper running costs then look no further than Heat Electric.

  • Made by hand in Halifax, West Yorkshire.
  • Fantastic customer service from all of our Heat Experts.
  • Classic British radiator design – looks like a traditional gas central heating system.
  • Water-filled for faster heat-up times.
  • Can reduce your energy bills compared to other electric heaters BUT will never cost more to run.
  • Built-in consumption controlling software to intelligently manage and reduce your energy usage and bills.
  • No maintenance, ever. 

Why not give us a call for more advice – we can help you decide whether it’s the best thing for you and your property.

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