Electric Radiators offer all kinds of advantages for all homes. Here are some handy benefits to tell your customers.

A great all-round heating system

The unique water-filled electric radiators combine all the benefits of traditional radiators with the simplicity, ease and exceptional controllability of electric heating.

Heat up in minutes

Heat Electric radiators heat up in minutes, giving heat whenever it’s needed. In fact they’re so quick to heat up that their maximum temperature is achieved within minutes, meaning rooms get warmer, quicker.

Value for money

Our radiators are 100% efficient and heat up rooms much quicker than oil-filled, gel-filled or thermo-dynamic-fluid filled heaters, but at no extra running cost.

Excellent controllability

Simple controls and a built-in thermostat mean the radiators can be programmed to exact times and temperatures, giving full control over the temperatures in different rooms throughout the day and night, and eliminating heat wastage and running costs.

Your customers can choose a Radio Frequency Remote Control that allows control over multiple radiators from the same controller. This is fully compliant to section Part L of the building regulations.

Look great in any room

Heat Electric radiators fit perfectly into any room.They look just like traditional radiators and have no unsightly protruding control knobs or pipes.

Industry standard

Our radiators are recognised by BRE and have their own SAP coding making Energy Performance Certificates and SAP scores easy to produce.

Low carbon emissions

SAP scores show that our radiators always generate lower carbon emissions than any type of storage heater and no other form of direct acting electric heating can get a better SAP score than our radiators.


Heat Electric radiators are completely maintenance-free. They arrive ready for use and don’t require any bleeding or topping-up. Plus, the water contains a rust inhibitor and anti-freeze to prevent corrosion and freezing.

Quick and Easy to Install

There’s no pipework or plumbing so the radiators are installed and ready to use in a matter of minutes

Create a comfortable and healthy environment

Unlike panel heaters, Heat Electric radiators create a cosy and healthy atmosphere in a room without dryness or stuffiness, making them ideal for the elderly and people with breathing difficulties.

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Signature Electric Radiators Collection

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Conservatory Electric Radiators Collection

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Low Surface Temperature Electric Radiators Collection

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