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If you are looking for a wall mounted electric radiator, you may not realise you have more options than you think. There are many different sizes and shapes out there, but the most efficient wall mounted electric radiators are those filled with water. Water heats quicker than gel or oil and therefore the shorter heating time uses less energy and reduces your bill. Your room also gets warmer quicker. Considering a water filled wall mounted electric radiator could be the best thing you ever did.

It provides flexibility and reduced cost of installation because no plumber is needed and no pipes are required, so as long as you have a plug you are good to go. All our wall mounted electric radiators come with full wall mounting kits and instructions and take around 15 minutes to self-install providing you with a quick and efficient solution. However, if you need assistance then our team can always be on hand to provide a personalised service.

Our range of wall mounted electric radiatorsare adaptable for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and slim fitting for conservatories. We don’t just advise on size, we look at the efficiency of your home and therefore what size of radiator you need to obtain the temperature you would like in that room. We can even provide low surface temperature wall mounted electric radiators for childrens’ bedrooms, elderly care, schools, nurseries and hospitals.

All our wall mounted radiators come with a choice of two controls, a built in thermostat or a remote control. The remote control means you can program the days and times you want each individual radiator to turn on, varying it when you are in and out of the building. Temperatures can also be set differently for individual rooms, minimising overheating. With the built in thermostat, the wall mounted radiator will adjust to the target temperature that you set so when it reaches the target it will switch off, but if the room is lower than the target temperature then the heater will switch on again. It’s about providing intuitive solutions that are energy efficient and flexible in terms of location.

With no maintenance required, a water filled wall mounted electric radiator provides a simple cost-effective solution that won’t inhibit design and won’t spoil walls or carpets, plus providing the added bonus of saving you money on your heating bills. What more could you want?

How to Choose a Wall Mounted Electric Radiator

If you’re looking to replace your storage heater system, heat your conservatory, or are simply fed up with the expense and effort of maintaining a gas central heating system, then a wall mounted electric radiator is the perfect choice for you.

Here are some of the factors to consider when making your decision, courtesy of Heat Electric.

Track record

Ensure that the company you buy from has a proven track record of providing a wall mounted electric radiator range that has satisfied customers. Check out testimonials and see how long they’ve been in business for.


Price is an important factor when it comes to a wall mounted electric radiator, and you shouldn’t pay more than the product is worth, but quality is the overriding concern. Heat Electric’s radiators, for example, are all hand made in Halifax, West Yorkshire, to the highest specifications, and come with a two year warranty, so you know you’re getting reliability and quality.

Efficiency and effectiveness

A good wall mounted electric radiator will give 100% efficiency, with none of the energy being lost in transmission. The heater should get up to temperature within minutes of being switched on (one of the benefits of a water-filled, rather than oil-filled heater) and work to warm the room through both convection and radiant heat.


The size of the wall mounted electric radiator that you need to heat each room will depend on the number of external walls, the level of insulation in the walls and windows, and the size of the room, amongst other factors. Heat Electric have a handy chart on their website to help calculate the required size for each specification.

Control systems

Your wall mounted electric radiator should have a control system that suits your needs. Heat Electric, for example, offer two methods: a built in timer for easy programming; or a remote control enabled radiator for ultimate temperature control.

To learn more about Heat Electric’s wall mounted electric radiator range and how its quality workmanship and innovative design can heat your home efficiently and effectively, visit their website today.

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